The guests, their peace of mind and their relaxation are at the heart of our project. You can arrive whenever you want, because we will send you, together with the booking confirmation, the access code to your room: you just need to make by web the Check-in. We will always be available for any request or need.

With us, your vacation starts as soon as you arrive in the city: no duty, just frills.


What, Where, When

What to see

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Go round the open-air market: it is open from early morning to 18 in the winter or till 16 in the summer. It 's the heart of the city.

Take a coffee in a real café: there are dozens of them, one better than the other, where you can read all the available magazines and you can spend hours.

Enjoy a giant slice of cakes in one of the bakeries in the city.

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Walk up to the castle: a 15-20 minutes walk, uphill, that makes you appreciate even more the view from up there. For those who wish, there is a virtual tour of the city of Ljubljana through its streets and squares in English.

Look up: the architecture of the city, largely shaped by Pleinik, that became a national hero, is amazing.

Visiting the Park Tivoli: it is not Hyde Park, but close enough. It 's huge, green, friendly and the right place for jogging.


Go to a concert: the present Slovenian Philharmonic is the successor of the Academia Philharmonicorum, established in 1701 as one of the world's oldest musical institutions of the kind. Very interesting concerts are managed monthly.